Engaging with your faith

Updated: Jan 6, 2019

Leaves...One of the most hated chores of the fall is raking leaves. Whether you have a small or a big yard, raking leaves takes time and effort. Maybe your the type that bags your leaves for others to dispose of. Maybe your the type that moves them to an out of the way spot and just leave them there. Perhaps, your one of the few out there that just piles them up to burn them. Or...do you just leave them where they fall and let it go at that.

No matter what your method is, you have probably dealt with the "leaf problem" at some time or another. One thing I do know, if you do not regularly rake up your leaves it soon becomes a huge mess. Yes, raking wet leaves will bring out the worst of us I suppose.

So...why am I talking about leaves? Perhaps, that ever-increasing pile of leaves can teach us some deep life lessons. Think of it like this...The leaves begin to fall...if you delay getting started the leaf piles just keep getting bigger and bigger. If you delay your "work" too long, the task can become overwhelming.

Our lives are very similar. We go about our daily business and maybe you let your walk with God begin to slip a little bit. I'm too busy to read my bible, I've got errands to run or kids to tend to so maybe my prayers today can wait until later. If you let it, the excuses will begin to pile up just like those leaves. Pretty soon your life begins to spiral out of control and you wonder can it ever go back to the way it was...you know...before all those leaves in your life piled up on you.

The answer is yes...but the longer you have delayed in put your hands to the tasks of drawing back near to God the harder it will be. BUT, do not that that deter you! Start just like you start on all those leaves. Spot by spot, area by area, and very soon you will look up after much sweat, much heartache, and many tears...you realize you have returned to God. Your life is brighter, Your attitude is better, Your hope is restored.

Today, why not start raking up those dead leaves in your life and start on the path toward a glory-filled walk with God.