Wednesday's Reflection – Easter Week Devotionals

Wednesday, 31 March 2021

Day 3: Jesus Anointed & Judas Betrays

Scripture: Matthew 26:6–16, Mark 14:3–11, Luke 22:3–6

There is little written about the Wednesday before the Passover meal, but the Gospels discuss two key events that shaped the remainder of Holy Week.

First, Jesus was anointed with expensive oil by a poor woman without much to spare. This was her way of showing her faith and trust in Jesus, just as the poor widow in Mark 12:41-44 had. She chose to anoint Jesus with what was most valuable to her. When the disciples questioned the waste, Jesus defended her actions and explained she was preparing his body for burial. Then Jesus foretells his death, burial, and the gospel being shared around the world.

The Bible also shows us the inverse to the beautiful story of the woman sacrificing her expensive oil to anoint the Son of God preparing him for burial, with the revelation that this was the day Judas decided to betray Jesus for thirty pieces of silver.

These two people made distinctly contrasting choices on this day. One chose to give what she had regardless of the cost. Meanwhile, Judas chose to take the highest price to betray Jesus. It’s easy for us to view this story through the lens of Jesus’ resurrection and proclaim we would act like the anointing woman and not like Judas. We hope we will behave one way, but just like Peter, we don’t always act as we should or hope.

Reflection: We have all had moments when we have given much and times when we have taken much. We have also had moments where we thought someone else was wasting something valuable. Take time today to consider how greed and sacrifice play a role in your decisions. Compare your thoughts to what Jesus said about another giver in Luke 21:1-4.

Pray: Heavenly father, as we approach Easter, strip away anything separating us from you. Help us to see what things we hold on to that have become idols in our life. Help us find the time and the quiet to sit in your presence and anoint you with our prayers of worship and praise. Amen.